Woodworking machinery and tools

We sell both new machine tools and used ones.
We are dealers of leading brand names such as: Masterwood, a manufacturer of wood routers and CNC machining centres with three, four and five controlled axes for the making of doors and windows, fittings and furnishing items, as well as for Nesting operations and the processing of plastic materials.
Griggio, a manufacturer of traditional machines such as surface planers, planer-thicknessers, spindle moulders, circular saws, panel saws, band saws, slot boring machines and boring machines.
For the manufacturing of doors and windows, we sell single machines such as tenoning machines, angle machining centres, four-side planers, moulding machines and profiling machines, but also lines and systems for manufacturing, hardware assembling, brushing and painting.
For the packing and carpentry sector we offer cutting and cross-cutting systems ranging from simple radial arm or pendulum saws, to automatic CNC crosscut saw machines to machinery specifically designed for processing beams.
We deal in EMC wide belt calibrating and sanding machines, Fravol brushing and polishing machines, Ormamacchine presses and frame presses, Gnutti compressors, as well as horizontal and vertical saws, aspirators and suction, heating and painting systems.
We also handle the treatment of manufacturing scraps by supplying not only single wood grinding machines, pelletisers and briquetting machines, but also complete systems. Our products also include tools: milling cutters, diamond boring bits and cutting blades, programmed units and circular blades in HM.

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